Two weeks of bliss

😆 Louis and Andy have had a relaxing two weeks; no work for Andy and no shows for Louis. Camping, walking and generally enjoying each others company; it’s knocked ten years off Andy.
I’m enjoying my new job in the local sweetie shop; 12 hours a week playing with customers. The down side is I am on the weight watcher diet and crisps, chocs and sweeties are off the menu. :-)cz
As you can see in Andy’s last blog the photo of the two boys is rather special. The ones he took of me are horrid, Louis always looks smart but I tend to let him down.
We are preparing for the next show which is the Midlands & Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Show. It will be great to see the regulars, it feels like we haven’t played out for a while. Time to go, Louis’ fast asleep in his bed and Andy’s returning to work tomorrow so an early night is required. :-)dz

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  1. Yo
    You didnt tell me Sue was working in a sweetshop!
    It would seem I should read the blog more often as you dont tell me half of what is going on !!!


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