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Once again found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin and the need to pay for a licence. Abandoned that and the videos are now back up and running.

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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28 Jun

Watch out…..there’s a thief about…

We’ve got a strawberry plant in a big pot on the patio that has delivered summer fruit for quite some years. We don’t do anything with it and it shares its pot with some other plants whose seeds have landed there over the years. Despite this it provides a small crop of absolutely delicious strawberries.

The evidence

The evidence

This year, however, we have a thief in our midst. We don’t normally lose any strawberries as the pot is by the patio wall and birds won’t come that close. I went to pick a strawberry the other day and spotted a beautiful, juicy, bright red one as I stood over the plant. I bent down to pick it and discovered that most of it was missing. Somebody or something had sliced off the bottom half. I wondered who/what that could be.

A couple of days later we spotted the culprit. Yes – it was boy wonder hound. He had his face in the pot and was delicately excising the best part of the fruit. Considering the size of his teeth he did a pretty good job as the photo shows.

22 Jun


Louis was on parade yet again this Saturday at the Blackpool Championship Show. He came fourth in his class so no rosette this time. :-)bg The weather was appalling, wind and rain and it was an outdoor show.

When Sue and Louis got home they were chilled to the core which is not good considering it’s summer and was also the longest day. Global warming, I’m not so sure, so on went the central heating – in June!

Whilst it didn’t really rain today it was bloody windy and we had an enjoyable walk round to the folks across the golf course whilst branches were being blown off.

Louis is doing obedience lessons on Thursday now and is working to getting his bronze canine good citizen award. We’ll see how it goes as we would like (him) to go on and do the silver and the gold. We practice his “waits” in the back garden and he is really very good. One of the things we would like to improve is his recall. He’s very good when he’s focussed but if his mind is on other things (?joggers?) then it’s a different matter. If he goes for his gold award he has to be able to do a recall under distracting circumstances; that should be interesting!

15 Jun

Louis on parade…

Louis was on show today at the Border Union Agricultural Society Championship Show up in Kelso, Scotland.

He came first in his class which is excellent news. It was an early start for Sue, leaving the house around half four. We were debating whether he should go or not due to the fuel tanker strike.

Louis is now sparko on the sofa – it’s a long day for all involved. I do think that he enjoys the shows; there’s always lots going on.

With my little hound helper out of the way I’ve managed to get quite a few jobs in the back garden done including de-rusting and spraying the chimenea with heat resistant paint.

I could have done the jobs with Louis around but he would be asleep on the sofa at this moment completely black from nose to tail instead of his true red wheaten colour!

11 Jun

It’s all too much

Louis’ had an eventful day and as I type this he’s snoring in his den. First thing was his usual morning walk down the valley. Secondly Sue decided to plant some lettuce seeds which went well despite Louis’ desire to see what was going on and help. With the job done Sue went inside to wash her hands and came out to find that Louis had taken it upon himself to redistribute the seeds on the lawn and in the borders. Should make gardening interesting in the coming months.

Gremlins in the garden

Gremlins in the garden

To top it all off Louis’ half brother Bertie came to visit and a photo from the subsequent playtime in the garden is shown above. (More Gremlin impersonations.) Louis is very good with puppies; he lets them jump all over him – up to a point anyway! Bertie shows some classic Louis traits, it must be in the genes.