Back seat driver

Despite my best efforts to try and keep Louis’ hairs off the car seats here’s a picture of him thwarting me by shoving his head between the rear seat rests. Louis is relegated to the boot in this car as I spent days and days getting his short hairs out of the material weave of … Read more

Spot the dog…

Louis has numerous mad minutes during his day. This photo below was taken moments after one of his mad-in-his-den-moments. This involves him getting in his den and then trying to bust out of it from the three unopen sides or the top. It’s accompanied by lots of noise, generally of the snuffling and truffling kind … Read more

A sunny day at last

:-)bg Louis and I went on our travels to the south of Wales yesterday. Louis got a second, he looked very handsome. We love that show, it’s so relaxed and I managed to chit chat to lots of people. One of the breeds I particularly enjoyed watching were in the next ring, deerhounds. What an … Read more