UFO Louis, an Unmovable Furry Object

We bought Codee the Ridgeback/Bull Mastiff cross her first puppy collar and lead the other day. The problem was we were probably a few weeks late as the largest puppy collar wouldn’t fit!

Of course, as Codee is a lady a pink collar and lead was in order – sorry Darren! A lucky escape then, for Darren, as Codee has grown so quickly.

That prompted me to check out Louis’ collars.

Here’s a pic of all three of Louis collars. When we tried him with the first one he was like a bucking bronco; he definitely did not want to wear a collar!

Louis' collars
Louis' wardrobe of sartorial elegance

Nowadays all you have to do is get his lead ready and he’s ready to go out for a walk – unless it’s too hot and then he betrays his Rhodesian origins and turns into a UFO, an Unmovable Furry Object

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