World of sport

We normally play tug games with Louis at the end of his weekend walks but today we found an abandoned football (it wasn’t a 2010 Jabulani ball, it was an old Telstar design).

Louis spotted it from a mile away and we then had a good kickabout with him chasing the ball back and forth.

Whilst passing the ball to and fro Sue found a proper rounders ball; in the UK girls play what is known as baseball – we call it rounders.

At this point Louis refused to play football anymore until he could get to see what Sue was trying in vain to hide in her pocket. As Louis is a spoilt hound Louis got his own way and ended up playing with the rounders ball.

He might have got his own way with all the different toys to play with but we ended up with Mr Knackered Hound; the end result is that I got to eat my breakfast in relative piece as he was busy sleeping.

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