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07 Nov

Phone phobia

Suzy and I have new phones so it’s learning curve time. We have got Nokia N97 Minis. Very nice. This pretty poor blog entry has been done on the new phone via the wireless router in the house.
I’m sure that this is nothing significant these days but I’m impressed nonetheless. The downside is that I’m pestered by Sue and “How did you do that?”

2 comments to Phone phobia

  • Phone phobia cure

    I do not understand,Let me see if i get it; you are suffering from phone phobia but you just bought a Nokia N97. i guess is for blogging as you wrote in the other article titled MY NEW TOY.

  • louis

    New phones are the cause of many problems in this household. We usually get the same phones and I guess I’m a little ahead of Sue on the technology curve (no disrespect Sue, honest!). As a result for the first few days I’m constantly pestered by her asking things like “How did you do that?”, “How do you do this?” etc.
    What should be a pleasurable experience of a new “toy” becomes a bit of a nightmare for me, hence my phone phobia.

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