Louis’ latest trick

Since we overdosed poor Louis’ pancreas with duck we’re mindful of him suffering from a tummy upset if he eats something that disagrees with him.

Usually if his tummy is out of sorts Louis wakes me by whimpering at the bottom of the stairs. I wake up pretty quickly and stagger downstairs to let him out. He quickly races out to eat some grass and you can usually hear his stomach griping.

However Boy Wonder Hound has sussed out that whimpering results in the arrival of a playmate so the past few days he has been behaving like a puppy. He whimpers and wakes you up. You stumble downstairs, open the patio door to let him out to eat grass and he just picks up a toy to drop at your feet and gives you that “play time” look.

I’m a lighter sleeper than Sue and have fallen for this trick a few times. This morning I resolved to ignore the furry boy but Sue succumbed. What did Louis do? Pick up a toy and demand playtime attention.

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