Duck soup

Well, Happy New Year to all our readers. That’s you Sid. Christmas & New Year have been good with the sole exception that Louis has been under the weather.

It’s probably duck-overdose related but it resulted in a visit to the vets on New Years Eve. He’s had some injections and is on medication (including some form of doggie probiotic that costs a squillion times more than Yakult) but he’s worth it! He’s perking up a bit now; the last week he’s been proper morose and feeling sorry for himself. I’ve been up most nights on patio door duty so that he can contribute to the ozone layer depletion with methane.

He’s slept for England and is sparko as I type this. Usually at this time he’s rushing round trying to find a toy to throw at you to make you play.

We’ve also established that he’s definitely not keen on having his temperature taken and that getting him to stand when he’s sat down and a probe is near his butt is nigh on impossible. Even if the vet is a lady!

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