Kitchen Chaos

We’ve decided to do the kitchen; our lab style kitchen may not appeal to everyone – in fact it probably only appeals to us.

We’re narrowing down the potential suppliers and should decide in the next day or so.

In the meantime we have started work in the kitchen (we know deliveries are around 8 weeks). The tiles are off (and most of the plaster associated with each tile) and we’ve started on the wallpaper.

The reason this post is categorised as “Dog related” rather than “General” is due to the fact that Louis can hear a sparrow fart outside when he wants to; resulting in him demanding to be let out so he can chase the offending sparrow off his patch. The noise and commotion made by me and a Kango hammer don’t count when it coincides with his afternoon nap though. I caught sight of him at the kitchen door just once and this was after I moved the cooker which he knows usually reveals the odd treat.

He’s picked this up from Sue who can sleep through most events and would most likely sleep through the apocalypse.

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