April showers bring…

May showers. It’s supposed to be May flowers but global warming has put paid to that. Sue and Louis had to go out for their morning walk today in torrential rain.

Sue’s okay with that (after all she’s togged up appropriately) but Louis does not like walking in the rain; within minutes he’s rubbing his head against you as though you are a walking towel.

This afternoon it was p#ssing down and Louis was sat at the patio door indicating an urgent desire to get out there and see off a pesky squirrel/robin/blue tit/pidgeon (delete as applicable).

I opened the door and off he shot…..into the pouring rain. He’s not only four-paw drive – he’s got excellent doggie-disc brakes and within milliseconds he’d stopped and made the decision that the squirrel/robin/blue tit/pidgeon (delete as applicable) was okay to carry on doing what it was doing.

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