Laminate floor & ridgebacks

Every now and then I look up the site statistics to see how many people have visited this tiny corner of the t’internet and what they have looked at etc.

These are the top search strings that brought visitors to the site. Many of them are fairly obvious; after all Louis is a Ridgeback and we have blogged about Cesar Milan, Sarula is in Louis’ pedigree and Janet Parker gave Louis a ticket etc.

The one that is the most perplexing is the Rhodesian Ridgeback and laminate flooring search – the t’internet is a wonderful thing.

1 14.29% 8 week old rhodesian ridgeback
2 14.29% cesar milan rhodesian ridgeback april 2009
3 14.29% janet parker rejan rhodesian ridgebacks
4 14.29% louis rhodesian ridgeback
5 14.29% louis the ridgeback dog
6 14.29% mushana ranzi of sarula (f)
7 14.29% rhodesian ridgeback and laminate floor

I hope whomever was researching Ridgebacks and laminate flooring found what they were after.

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