Grand Rapids

As usual I check the blog to see what Suzy has broken whilst I am away and this year she has excelled herself by breaking the fridge. That’s something for me to look forward to when I get back. Grand Rapids is going well. Interesting journey via Chicago which involved a 3 hour delay sitting … Read more

Training off.

Drove all the way to Knutsford to find training off due to poor weather. Will we shrink in the rain? Walked round the park and watched the ducks then returned home. Andy phoned; gave some great advice regarding fridge… switch it on and off. I wonder how I manage surly Andy; you shouldn’t really leave … Read more

Freeloading Louis.

Louis’ asleep on the sofa settled after helping me sweep up. We’ve had a wonderful morning walking on the valley and visiting his grandparents depositing some sprout seedlings and half a bag of dried chillies. Mum wanted to take Lou for a walk to the paper shop so off we trotted. I did make mum … Read more

Marathon Walking.

Louis is pooped, after a cram packed fun filled walking playing and gardening day. We started off lead down in the Valley for our morning walk; meeting Cassie and her owner. A little misty and cold this morning so scents were strong and Louis followed a few, always returning for his sausage. Play time on … Read more