Newton’s Laws

We like to obey the laws of physics in this houselhold. I’ve already discussed Newton’s First Law:- Inertia Here’s is Louis obeying the laws:- Followed by:- Whilst not a true example of his third law:- “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It’s a good analogy. Actually it’s probably another good example … Read more

Paws Across The Sea

My mate Pete over in Houston has taken in a (permanent) lodger – a Ridgeback called Rooney. Here’s a great piccie of Rooney trying to get in his food bowl:- We hope Rooney provides Pete & Sonja hours of fun. Just in case anyone wonders where the title comes from – Pete is Glaswegian by … Read more

Happy Birthday Louis

Louis turned nine on the 27th December and carried on as usual with his daily routine of mooching for food; completely unfazed by the passing of another year. He was spoilt over Christmas and is particularly enjoying a new toy. This toy doesn’t have a squeak, it has a barking dog when squeezed. Louis has … Read more