Ridgeback’s Third Law

In our house I’ve always had just one rule – we do not disobey the rules of thermodynamics. It’s nice to see that other Ridgebacks also follow the rules of physics. We had a visitor pass through the site the other day checking on their puppy ridgeback’s weight. David from New Zealand kindly sent in … Read more

What Happens Next?

Louis is still suffering in our English summer but he cannot resist some playtime whatever the temperature. I like to wind Louis up until he decides it’s time to stop playing fairly. This is Louis just at that very moment before he decides enough is enough. I still have all my fingers but the barks … Read more

Good Old Boy

Summer is upon us and getting Louis unglued off the sofa is proving difficult. He still has his puppy-like moments but they are on his terms and to his timetable. He’s learning to live alongside the four chickens that now reside in the back garden but it’s an uneasy truce. He sneaked out of the … Read more