Paws Across The Sea

My mate Pete over in Houston has taken in a (permanent) lodger – a Ridgeback called Rooney.

Here’s a great piccie of Rooney trying to get in his food bowl:-

Rooney climbing into his bowl.
Rooney climbing into his bowl.

We hope Rooney provides Pete & Sonja hours of fun.

Just in case anyone wonders where the title comes from – Pete is Glaswegian by birth and it’s a reference to Rab C Nesbitt’s “Hands across the sea” bit with his Spanish counterpart.

1 thought on “Paws Across The Sea”

  1. We are over the moon with our clumsly little guy. He keeps us laughing. We couldn’t have picked a better pal. Thanks for posting and looking forward to seeing you guys in three months!!!


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