The Pain Of Blogging

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m away at the moment in the US. Just before I left I noticed a WordPress plugin I use to send me a backup of the blog was sending a zero byte size file. I contacted my host with the issue. Upon my arrival in Houston I checked my emails and saw a correctly sized backup file. Great I thought. However the site was no longer available. I couldn’t even log in.

There followed a tonne of emails between me and mein host and this, coupled with the time difference plus this four letter word “work” getting in the way, has meant that the site has been buggered up for the best part of a week.

It seems to be my theme that is partly to blame although it was working before I raised the query. Anyway – as you will see it’s back up and running albeit there’s a few things missing.

I’ve a few more days left here before returning home to see what jobs Suzy and Louis have prepared for me.

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