News from Melbourne

Well the snow and ice have almost disappeared and we’re getting back to normal.

It’s that time of year when Sid reminds us that the seasons are six months apart between us and Australia and he’s sent us some pictures of their recent holiday in Adelaide. (Actually I’m telling a lie, Sid got Sue to send the pics as he can’t handle the technology without losing his rag.)

Here’s a couple of nice pics; the first one is Amaya and the sunset.

Amaya running on the beach
Guess who got a new camera to play with?

The second marks the passage of another year as we have captured Sid with his Xmas Guinness.

Sid and his Guinness
Sid and his Guinness; note the position of his little finger.

You can see via these; Guinnessy Sid 2009 and Guinnessy Sid 2008 that this is a regular event.

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