Louis a big boy!

Louis had his annual jabs at the vets yesterday, I was so proud of my boy, he behaved impeccably when all around him lost the plot. A large terrier wanted to eat all dogs in view and an alsation muzzled to the hilt showed an eagerness to test him out. Lou lay on the flloor with an old black lab and two tiny terriers and a cat. It’s a far cry from when Lou wanted to eat other ridgebacks at shows. I weighed him in before his jabs and he came in at 44.80kg. This I put down to a lack of exercise over the snowie period. More walks for both of us, I’ve given up smoking two days so we will both watch our weight. I do think it’s a great idea to take dogs to the vet just for weigh ins so they see it as a place to be pampered by the fantastic nurses and not just for grotty treatments. Our vet is on Queens Road, Cheadle Hulme and it’s called Woodcroft. Louis and I feel confident and comfortable with them; they dont rush you and take time to get you both settled before they start fiddling.

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