Louis’ Treats

This is Louis looking suitably innocent after destroying a rawhide treat. At the moment his treats are pig’s ear, tripe and rawhide. He gets a treat most nights when we’re ready to settle down with a glass of wine but he still wants to play.

All of his treats drive him mad for about half an hour. If you give him the treat in the kitchen he runs off with it and then drops it. This is followed by lots of approaching the treat and then jumping back and spinning round like crazy.

Louis on his rug
Louis on his rug

The rawhide treat is good as it’s innocuous to us; it’s also shaped like a sweetie, more for our benefit than his. The pig’s ear is a bit of a make you wince treat due to the noise he makes when he finally gets round to devouring it. The tripe, well we pray that he finishes that one off as quickly as possible as it has a particularly “interesting” aroma.

The picture’s a good one for showing off his ridge. Hours and hours of back-combing.

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