Louis’ Nose…

I’m not saying that Louis is fussy but…

Last night we were having steak for tea (this diet is tough!). We’d trimmed the steak and cooked the trimmings for Louis. These were left to cool so we had some treats to give Louis whilst we had our tea. (At the moment we’re training Louis to go to his bed whilst we eat and he’s rewarded with food.)

Anyway – when I went back in the kitchen Louis decided to follow me. I went to his biscuit tin to get him a treat and tried to make him sit for it. He, on the other hand, felt that the biccie was no where near as interesting as the steak bits on the table. He ignored the biccie and placed his snout on the table as close as he could get to the steak bits.

I wish I could have video’d him at this point. I know I’m probably guilty of imprinting “human” characteristics but in my mind he was saying “A biscuit, a fri#ken’ biscuit – there’s steak over there you two-legged buffoon.”

Yea, he got his steak.

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