Going for gold…

Louis started out on his gold award last night (he doesn’t know this, he just thinks it’s play time). As it was a pre-cursor to the training they had a go at agility; running through tunnels and over jumps etc. Louis took to this really well. We had always planned to see if he liked … Read more

It’s a silver!

Louis took his Canine Good Citizen Silver test tonight and passed with flying colours. Obviously it’s a gear up from the bronze and this time one of the tests was to walk down the street with the examiner following closely. There were a number of young lads hanging around and they saw Louis and were … Read more

Fox & Hound

No, we’ve not been off to the pub. Boy wonder hound caught sight of a fox on the fields this morning. We’d just finished playing with Louis and his throw toy and got him back on his lead; normally an easy task as he knows he gets sausages or other such treats at the end … Read more