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Once again found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin and the need to pay for a licence. Abandoned that and the videos are now back up and running.

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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10 Apr

Good Friday…

We bought Louis a puzzle game when we were at Crufts. (See Louis at Crufts). Hounds aren’t supposed to be the sharpest tools in the canine shed but when it comes to food then Louis’ brain fires on all one or two cylinders.

Louis in Mastermind mode

Louis in Mastermind mode

Here’s a pic of Louis in action solving the puzzle. It doesn’t take him long to get all the treats out and there’s no finesse in his approach. Actually he’s more “gentle” with this puzzle than with his others as he solves those through chucking them up in the air until all the treats have been knocked out. At least with this one he uses his nose and paws.

31 Oct

Going for gold…

Louis started out on his gold award last night (he doesn’t know this, he just thinks it’s play time). As it was a pre-cursor to the training they had a go at agility; running through tunnels and over jumps etc.

Louis took to this really well. We had always planned to see if he liked agility but we were going for his tickets and his good canine citizen’s awards first. He enjoyed it that much I think Sue will see if there’s a more local event that she can take him to one night of the week. He has a more hectic social life than I do.

He had the group in stitches at one point last night as he ran in a tunnel and ended up dragging it round after exiting it.

Anyway – it’s a bad time of the year for Louis as all the fireworks are going off. He’s fine when outside but if he’s in the house then his strategy is to bark at them.

23 Oct

It’s a silver!

Louis took his Canine Good Citizen Silver test tonight and passed with flying colours.

Obviously it’s a gear up from the bronze and this time one of the tests was to walk down the street with the examiner following closely. There were a number of young lads hanging around and they saw Louis and were on about him being a Ridgeback. Sue had to stop to talk to them and she let them say hi to Louis. Fortunately Louis was very well behaved.

So – it’s a big well done to Louis but also well done to Sue. I just bask in the reflected glory although I do think my work behind the scenes with Louis has paid dividends! There’s another certificate to frame and another rosette to pin up.

Louis’ going for gold next; he doesn’t know it yet and is content to be back home chomping on a pig’s ear.

12 Oct

Like Father, Like Son

Louis is progressing well with his Canine Good Citizen Silver Award training and, if all goes to plan, he should be taking his test in two weeks time.

He’s a bit behind his son, Eka, who has just passed his silver. Hopefully it’s in the genes.

In a surprising turn up for the books Louis is asleep on the sofa as I type this. Not often that you see him sleeping on a sofa! He was out today for a show and left around 6:30am so no doubt he’s a little tired. He’ll be out for a walk soon – it’s actually a lovely day out there for a change.

The last of the tools used on the BBM – the Big Bathroom Makeover – have been returned to the garage and the house is getting back in order. Sue is upstairs trying on clothes. She’s lost a fair bit of weight recently and is delighted to be able to get in some clothes that were relegated to the wardrobes some time back with a faint hope of seeing daylight again.