Winter Snooze

Louis’ fast asleep after his second walk, he visited his grandparents today and to his delight he met up with Carole and Steven. After a sloppy kiss for each of them he settled down to mooching for biscuits and goodies. I have without success tried to put a photo on the blog; Andy will show … Read more

Summer snoozing…

Here’s a few pictures of the household in their usual, hyperactive, mode. First of all there’s the cat… Then there’s the hound… And then there’s the finest exponent of the art of afternoon napping, Suzy… This is what usually greets me when I get home from work. I have to tip-toe around the place so … Read more

Harmony at last

This picture portrays a calm, harmonious relationship between Louis and Smudge. Most of the time it is but they have their moments. I remember the night Louis was brought home and we were in the dining room with him whilst he was asleep in his dog basket. Smudge came in through the kitchen and I … Read more