Louis and Darwinism

Yesterday we discovered that Louis has some similarities with the higher primates and humans in that he has learnt how to use a tool.

Unfortunately that “tool” is me.

To occupy him for a bit of peace and quiet we gave him his Kong toy filled with treats. Louis’ methodology for getting the treats out is the brute force procedure which involves him throwing the toy in the air repeatedly until the treats get dislodged and fall out.

However yesterday there was one particularly truculent treat that wouldn’t come out despite all the persuasion that Louis could apply. The noise of this toy bouncing around the room was becoming a tad annoying so eventually I said to him, “Give it here boy”. Louis immediately nudged the Kong my way with a “Well you do it then” sigh.

I gave in and got the treat out for him.

Here’s Louis with his Kong:-

Louis working on his Kong
Louis working on his Kong

This is his medium sized Kong; his small one is from when he was a puppy and the large one has to be packed with too many treats to stop it from being easy to empty. Louis is on a diet at the moment so he can’t have the big Kong.

Edit: Sue is adamant that she told Louis to nudge the Kong over to me. However as I’m the administrator of this site I get to determine what’s recorded in history. It was me that told Louis to nudge the Kong.

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