Let’s see about capitals

I’m just posting to prove to Suzy that you don’t get stuck with capitals when doing a post from our new phones. As you can see I don’t have that problem.
There is some nasty weather outside at the moment and Louis was most unhappy about being dragged out for his evening walk. As I’ve said before, when it’s raining Louis views me as a mobile towel for him to rub his head against.

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  1. It’s a lot of fun reading about Louis! There’s one thing our Ridgeback used to do (well, three actually), that our dog trainer said was typical of african blood-line dogs; he used to very gently take my hand in his mouth and try to lead me around the room. Also, if I was reading or watching TV, he would wander casually over to me, then sort of half walk past about three inches away, then lean against my legs. If I ignored him, he would then sit down on my feet! All the while gazing off into the distance as if he really didn’t care whether he got a pat or not! I haven’t seen these behaviours mentioned on any other ridgeback websites, and I wondered if it was a “ridgeback thing” or just our particular dog.


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