Meat Feast

Well I’m in Brazil now; a place called Joinville to be precise. Sao Paolo airport was interesting, that’s all I’m prepared to say until I get on the plane home!

The weather reminds me of home and the lad from work that collected me at Chiritaba airport said that Joinville is known as rainville locally (substitute the Portuguese for rain in there).

I was taken out by the Japanese guys that manage our factory here. They took me to:-

A Meat Feast Pleasuredome

It was really good; a carnivore’s paradise. I will make Louis jealous when I get home and tell him about it. (I know he’s a hound and won’t understand but, in my mind, he will).

To top it all I’m drinking Skol from a can as I type this. I never thought I’d drink Skol again in my lifetime. Who knows, maybe I’ll find some Badger’s Bitter in cans out here or a Party Seven. (Sid will understand this when he gets round to checking the blog – let’s see how long it takes before he comments).

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  1. Andy
    I only recently found out that Skol was Brazilian ! I spent years drinking it in the Rugby club stands , before I realised that Manchester was cold and Australia was warm !Did anyone ever regularly dring Badgers whose name wasn’t Bert Bailey ? Miss you XXXOOOXXX


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