GDU – Garbage Disposal Unit

Touch wood but Louis seems to be on the mend. He’s on a strict diet of tinned chicken and rice and his “constitution” is much stronger. Thank God for that. He’s on three big tins a day, morning, noon and night, but he considers this is not enough; volume-wise it seems more than we usually feed him but that’s all at one time.

Consequently he is always on the look out for free food. As he was on his (shortened) evening walk tonight he spotted a thrown away sandwich (one of the delightful benefits of living near Bramhall High School). Milliseconds later and half this had disappeared, clingfilm and all. We’re trying our best to make sure only good stuff goes in but the furry little monster does not want to follow our agenda!

His energy levels are almost back up to normal as well so my working day is extended as he needs de-pestering when I get home.

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