Stealth Hound

Louis will try any tactic to sneak up on Smudge the cat. Here’s a picture of him using camouflage and trying to pass himself off as a white cat. This didn’t work too well so he’s resorted now to footballing skills where he will run towards the cat, side-step at the last moment but make … Read more

Green eyed monster

Sue and I have been very good diet wise and not had a barbecue or a sausage fest for a long time. We used to regularly cook sausages on our chimenea; especially during the winter. So…now we are near our target weights we decided to sit out one night last week and treat ourselves to … Read more

Snowtime like the present

We’ve had a fair bit of snow over the last day or so. I’ve been left in charge of Louis and we’ve both trudged through the snow which blows in your face no matter which way you are heading. Louis is not daft though; he drops a pace or two behind you and then hunkers … Read more