Wasps – Skinheads Of The Insect World

Louis battles with flying insects that enter his no fly zone. Usually they escape but we have long feared him catching a wasp or a bee followed by a quick visit to the vet to sort out a constricted airway.

However our furry friend dumbfounded us by deciding to stand on a drunken wasp today.

At this time of year there’s lots of fruit in the garden and some of it is starting to “turn” as it becomes overripe.

As such the wasps that feed on this fruit get drunk and even more aggressive.

So poor Louis stood on a pissed up wasp and got stung. He wasn’t happy (neither was the wasp) and we had to muzzle him whilst the sting was removed.

There was a lot of paw lifting and huge sad eyes but he’s okay now.

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