Paws Across The Sea

We do get a few emails via the site contact form; it’s great to read that people enjoy the blog and find it interesting. Obviously most passers by are Ridgeback owners, are interested in Ridgebacks or have a lion infestation problem in their back garden. So it was nice to receive an email from Lily … Read more

Rufty Tufty Ridgeback

As you’ll have seen from the last post Louis loves to play with his toys and would happily spend hour after hour at the other end of a tug of war game with you. So today I decided to indulge my furry friend. As you can see Louis gets a little bit feisty if the … Read more

Catching Up

As I’ve been away Louis has been keeping a tally of all the missed playtime opportunities from his perspective. From my perspective I’m sure Louis sees me as a bipedal mobile toy anchor whose role is twofold. Firstly to replenish the kibble container and, secondly, to play with Louis only when it suits Louis and … Read more

Won Watching

I’m back home after a couple of weeks working away in Yuseong, South Korea. Yuseong is a suburb of Daejeon and is famous for its hot springs; not that I got a chance to take a look or a dip as they had me working 7 days a week and around 14 hours a day. … Read more