Visit To The Vet

It was Louis’ annual visit to the vet yesterday where he got his jabs for the year. He’s not been to the vets for a while as he’s rebelled against walking that far. Consequently he’s not been weighed for a while and we found out that he’s put on around 4 kg since his “operation”.

So, much to his disgust, Louis is now on a diet. We’ve cut down his dinner a bit and reduced the number of treats he gets whilst out walking. After we got back from his evening walk just now he went in the kitchen and just sat by the cupboard door where all his food and treats are kept. Seeing that the magic door was not going to be opened he slinked off into the lounge and dug out his kong toy and kept on dropping it at my feet until I relented and filled it.

Louis will be back to weekly weigh-ins at the vets from now on until he gets back to normal. As a precaution the vet wanted to take some blood samples for checking so he had to go back this morning. Here’s a picture of Louis resting on the sofa after returning from the procedure.

Louis resting after visiting the vet
Louis resting after visiting the vet

You can see the plaster on his leg where they took the sample. The plaster is now off and he has a little bald patch where he was shaved. We get the results back in a week.

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