Ridgeback On A Rope

Louis’ energy levels are on the up at the moment; he wants to play all the time. I’ve just finished cooking the Sunday roast but have had to do this whilst attached to this; a dog on a rope:- Louis would play the tug game all day if sleeping didn’t get in the way.

Visit To The Vet

It was Louis’ annual visit to the vet yesterday where he got his jabs for the year. He’s not been to the vets for a while as he’s rebelled against walking that far. Consequently he’s not been weighed for a while and we found out that he’s put on around 4 kg since his “operation”. … Read more

Time Marches On…

Another year has gone by; this is marked by the annual photo of Sid on his Christmas holiday. Usually it’s a Guinness in his hands but this year it’s a huge glass of Dab lager. Sid et al will be over in the UK soon; I hope he remembers his wallet this time. You can … Read more