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July 27, 2008
Championship Show 2007 - Judges Critique
Club Events.
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Champ 07 Critique.
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I’d like to say how lovely it was to judge in England again so thank you to the RR club of GB for asking me – I had a wonderful day.   Thanks also to my two excellent stewards for making the job of judging such a large entry run smoothly and to all the exhibitors for their entries and for accepting my decisions on the day.  It was an excellent venue (although I’m not sure all the dogs would agree with me!)


I found all the dogs to have excellent temperaments and, without exception, they were all fit and in hard condition. The majority had lovely dark round eyes with good heads and expression.  However, I found a lot of variation in size, type and colour.


I am particularly concerned about the number of dogs without any wheaten in their coats ie solid colours – in my opinion they are verging on mahogany.  There are also too many ridgebacks whose size is over the breed standard.


In terms of type, many many years ago we all line bred (not in bred) and as a result produced quality RRs of correct size and type, good colours, typical heads, good bone, feet, quarters and temperament. At a glance you could tell which ridgebacks were from which kennel.  I feel this has been lost by the introduction of artificial insemination (AI) and imports – consequently in my opinion the breed now has a major problem in size, type and colour.   


Standing, many dogs looked superb but were let down by their poor movement ie crabbing, paddling, pinning, hackney movement and loose fronts.  Quite a few had flat front feet – I’d like to see them tighter (years ago I was told by a well known Doberman breeder that roadworking at a slow pace can sometimes help).


Ridges on the whole were excellent, just a few slightly offset.  I was a bit disappointed by the overall cleanliness of some dogs – I’ve never used so many wet wipes!  


Minor Puppy Dog (10)

(1)  Wentink’s Tsjakka Just Joey – best mover in this class, typical head with clean neck, good front, excellent bone and quarters – promising puppy

(2) Thomas’s  Rubiltra Hwange – another nice puppy, good type, strong bone, good topline, correct head, excellent quarters and good ridge.  Bit playful, could change places another day.

(3) Wells – Brown’s Tsjaaka Cool Duke


Puppy Dog (8)

(1) Campbell’s Nyassa Daxx – knew when I saw him he would be a winner.  Nearly out of puppy, mature for his age, correct type, lovely head, strong bone, enough body, good topline.  Would prefer to see his front feet tighter.  Did enough to win Best Puppy and Res CC.  Should have a promising future.

(2) Sale’s Lionpride Leo – good head (hope the black comes out – time on his side).  Has substance, good ridge, excellent quarters bit loose on moving. Should improve as he matures.

(3) Wentink’s Tsjakka Just Joey


Junior Dog (15)

Movement in this class leaves a lot to be desired.

(1) Tearne & Regan’s Faahac Fumbaa Aan N’Gai – tall dog with a strong head and clean neck, good bone, feet and quarters, deep brisket, correct red wheaten.  Movement was sloppy.

(2) Ratcliffe’s Flametrees Kyper of Godolphin – tall but well balanced dog, strong head with lovely dark kind eye, excellent feet and bone, good ridge.  

(3) Sweeney’s Hespa Halcon


Yearling Dog (6)

(1) Bennie’s Walamadengie Zeus at Nehando – powerful looking dark red dog, well balanced, strong in head.  Excellent feet, deep brisket – kept topline on move.  Going away movement good, loose in front returning.

(2) Spratling’s Ilizulu Moonlight Shadow – again a powerful looking dog, good conformation, topline, bone and exellent quarters.  Deep brisket – nice head but a bit long in muzzle but has time to develop.  Front feet need to tighten.

(3) Nolan’s Harambee Zondelela


Graduate Dog (3)

(1) O’Hare & Malik’s Kiromol Kianzio – typical RR, good head and front, nice wheaten, clean neck, deep brisket.  Front feet and front movement not so good.

(2) Torr’s Nyassa Aza – tall dog with nice head.  Front feet not his fortune, looks good standing – movement let him down.


Post Graduate Dog (7)

(1)  Vincent’s Umhalanda Injabulo for Jematti – my type of dog – correct size and colour.  Loved his head, good bone, correct ridge.  Would like a bit more substance.  Did not move as well today – pulling away.  One to watch for.

(2) Hill’s Hyndride Ndulu Shaaboni – taller dog but balanced.  Powerful head, good topline, excellent bone, rich red.  Movement let him down.

(3) Nolan’s Harambee Zondelela


Minor Limit Dog (7)

(1) Bailey’s Monduri Un Beau Lion JW – great ring presence and caught my eye immediately.  Correct size, loved his head and expression, well put together.  Good tight front feet,  good red wheaten coat, moved and handled to perfection.  Impressed me enough to give him the dog CC, BoB and BiS.  Will watch his progress with interest – should go far – still a youngster.  Well done.  Heard later that he had done a lot of winning for one so young.

(2) Bowlus’s Sofala Lincoln – Taller dog than winner.  Strong head, excellent bone with deep brisket.  Well balanced with good colour.  Handled well – movement let him down.

(3) Jeffery’s Mirengo’s Mikura


Limit Dog (9)

(1) Kirby & Mansfield’s Shingwidsi Tshepa Riva – Loved his head, had a lovely clean neck.  Excellent bone and quarters.  Correct topline and colour.  Front feet not the best.  Well handled but a bit loose in front movement.

(2) Woodrow’s Mirengo’s Mukwela – Typical RR with good head with kind eyes, good expression, body and excellent quarters.  Lighter wheaten in colour.  Expertly handled – dog moved better when free handled.  

(3) Webster’s Ngoma Uzuri of Umbari JW


Open Dog (16)

Movement in this class left a lot to be desired.

(1) Cunningham’s CH /IR/INT CH Walamadengie Awesome – a well known champion, typical hound, correct size and well put together.  Rich red colour, lovely head and expression.  Excellent bone, quarters and brisket.  Front feet could be tighter.  Liked him a lot, just didn’t have the sparkle today of my dog CC.

(2) Carlton’s CH Umhlandla Luwamba JW – I liked this dog a lot - a worthy  champion. Correct size, rich colour, excellent head and expression with nice kind eye.  Well balanced, expertly handled but movement let him down today.

(3) Woodrow’s CH Mirengo’s Muko Mako


Veteran Dog or Bitch (10)

(1) Rimmer’s Rocksham Rio at Kylini – looking good for 91/2 (better mover than me!) – even did a jump on the move, she enjoyed herself so much.  Lovely head in exceptional condition.

(2) Carlton’s Flametrees Zuli at Umhlandla – as fit as can be, full of energy, showed herself well and really enjoyed her day.  Typical looking RR and in excellent condition.

(3) Cahane’s CH Exhurst Shiana


Special Veteran Dog or Bitch (8)

This class always brings a lump to my throat, watching the oldies have their day.

(1) Fuller’s Nyuki Golden Fizz – 10 years old and still looks like a youngster.  Typical RR from the old school with excellent head, conformation and movement.  Was in fit condition - really enjoyed her day.  Did enough to win Best Veteran.

(2) Jeffery’s Umzumbe Jules – 10 year old dog.  Good head – another from the old school.  Excellent type.  Moved so full of himself – loved his treats!  Well done.

(3) Grayson Wood’s Isiqa’s Ijsa


Minor Puppy Bitch (10)

(1) Doughty’s Rubiltra Chizarira – beautiful pup, excellent type – loved her head.  Good front and quarters.  Correct ridge.  Moved great for such a baby – sure she will have a promising future.

(2) Ratcliff & Dunn’s Godolphins Catch the Cat – lovely liver bitch.  Good head and expression.  Correct eye and colour for a liver nose.  Enough bone, correct shape with correct ridge.  Moved well for such a youngster – sure she and number one will change place many times.

(3) Davies’s Kiromol Kalandra


Puppy Bitch (5)

(1) Parke’s Veldtkammer Face Bovvered – good head, body and ridge.  Strong bone, feet and quarters.  Dark red colour.  Hope she doesn’t grow on any more.  Moved well and expertly handled.  A promising future I’m sure.

(2) Pearson’s Lella Bella Ladybug – feminine head, good body and front.  Well handled, moved OK -  just pulling away from her handler a bit.  Sure these two will change places many times.

(3) Davis’s Imola Izola


Junior Bitch (18)

(1) Rowe’s Janak Jose – very pretty, feminine bitch.  Well put together with an excellent topline. Enough substance, front feet could be tighter.  Moved and handled well.

(2  Cunningham’s Walamadengie Eternal Angel – Typical RR with good head and expression.  Excellent bone, quarters and ridge. Front feet could be tighter.  Kept topline on move.  Expertly handled.

(3) Farleigh’s Kinabula Kirasi Kisa


Yearling Bitch (11)

(1) Shaw’s Gunthwaite Amaala – correct type, feminine head and expression.  Nice dark eye.  Good bone, quarters and topline.  Moved and handled well.

(2) Mounfield’s Nyassa Caluula at Maseru – correct type, nice head and expression.  Good topline, front feet not her fortune.  Moved OK but a bit loose.

(3) Craigie’s Imbali Kekele (AI)


Graduate Bitch (9)

(1) Shaw’s Gunthwaite Amaala – report as for previous class

(2) Fuller’s Belstone Fiddles Fancy at Nyuki – nice type, lovely head and expression.  Good topline.  Front feet could be tighter.  Movement let her down.

(3) Zhao & Grimshaw’s Shamvas Dhoruba


Post Graduate Bitch (17)

(1) Broadsmith’s Chainama Glory of Safikana – typical RR, correct size and type.  Lovely liver nose bitch – eyes and coat in harmony.  Ridge good.  Front feet could be tighter.  Seen her move better but did enough to win this class.

(2) Parrott’s Umhlandla Ngcwele – correct type and size.  Nice head with dark eye and good expression.  Good conformation, front feet could be tighter.  Moved and handled well.

(3) Fuller’s Belstone Fiddles Fancy at Nyuki


Minor Limit Bitch (8)

(1) Farleigh’s Htimsa Mfanta Ipea At Kinabula – good type, tall but well balanced.  Good head and dark round eye.  Excellent bone and quarters.  Moved and handled well.

(2) Kirby & Mansfield’s Shingwidsi Tshelana Riva – similar type to first.  Nice head with dark eye and clean neck.  Excellent conformation – could change places with one at any time.

(3) Cairns’s Rooinek Rani


Limit Bitch (13)

(1) Bates’s Tiasti Too Good Too Be True At Gunthwaite – she took my eye as she entered the class.  Typical RR – my type. Lovely feminine head with dark eye.  Excellent feet and quarters.  Deep brisket and well bodied.  One of the best movers of the day.  Expertly handled and a well deserved bitch CC and Res BiS.  Well done.  

(2) Broadsmith’s Chainama Glory of Safikana – as previous report.

(3) Whittington & Mansfields’s Kiromol Kiangazi of Huntersleap


Open Bitch (17)

(1) Lawless’s Hayawani Kamambaa Rangi to Faahac ShCM (Imp) – stunning, well balanced liver nose albeit tall for a bitch. Good head and body, excellent feet and quarters.  Lovely ridge.  Coat and eye colour in harmony.  Moved and handled extremely well.  Res CC.  

2) Cunningham’s IR/BEL CH Walamadengie Lady Elegance – typical RR, correct size.  Lovely head and expression.  Looked good, well bodied.  Front feet could be tighter.  Moved well – expertly handled.

(3) Carlton’s Umhlandla Uthekweni JW


Special Progeny Dog or Bitch (3)

(1) Woodrow’s CH Mirengo’s Muko Mako – good number of progeny.   consistency in coat, type and colour - one male a bit on the large side..  

(2) Tredwell& Symonds’s Zoro James of Shombay – fewer progeny but very typical and of a type.

(3) Storey’s IR CH Kiromol Kianga.


Janet Parker - Judge