All quiet on the western front

Louis is off to a show tomorrow. It’s a long way away so Sue is going to have to get up very early and the house is all quiet even though it’s before 9pm. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Louis behaves when in the ring. He’s been very pesty recently. Sue and … Read more

It’s all too much

Louis’ had an eventful day and as I type this he’s snoring in his den. First thing was his usual morning walk down the valley. Secondly Sue decided to plant some lettuce seeds which went well despite Louis’ desire to see what was going on and help. With the job done Sue went inside to … Read more


This is a close up of yesterday’s blog pic which shows one of the girlies doing a pretty good Gremlins impression after breaking the three rules of water, bright light and feeding after midnight. Seeing those needle like teeth takes me back to when Louis was a wee Gremlin. I also remember those frightening moments … Read more

The Monduri Pack

Well the pups are nearly old enough to go to their new families. Chris is having a posh photo by Dean Sawyer on Saturday, I don’t know how he will get all the babes to cooperate. I’m going to watch and learn. Chris has done wonders; the pups are so wonderful and healthy. This picture … Read more