Fox & Hound

No, we’ve not been off to the pub. Boy wonder hound caught sight of a fox on the fields this morning. We’d just finished playing with Louis and his throw toy and got him back on his lead; normally an easy task as he knows he gets sausages or other such treats at the end … Read more

Spot the dog…

Louis has numerous mad minutes during his day. This photo below was taken moments after one of his mad-in-his-den-moments. This involves him getting in his den and then trying to bust out of it from the three unopen sides or the top. It’s accompanied by lots of noise, generally of the snuffling and truffling kind … Read more

Louis and the heat

:-)bh I don’t know how Ridgebacks handle the heat in far off lands, Louis turns into a sleepy lump. We go for our morning run round then he’s pooped for the day. We go out late evening and that’s because I force him. We went to Leeds on Monday and Louis did very well; he … Read more