Shiver Me Timbers

Winter has arrived with a vengeance to make its point that it’s not a good time of the year to do a major building project. We’ve had temperatures down around the -8°C mark and this coincided with the opening of the staircase access to the loft. We now have a 4m² heat syphon aperture that … Read more

Home Messy Home

There’s a lot going on in Louis’ domain these last few weeks (which go someway to explain the lack of blogging). We’ve started on the mods to the house that involve converting all the loft area into liveable space as well as extending the kitchen and a re-arrangement of the bathroom. As such the house … Read more

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I’ve had very little free time recently to try and catch Louis doing anything other than pester for food or sleep. Sue’s had me busy working on the house and we now have a proper fire door between the garage and the house rather than a door with a sheet of asbestos screwed to it. … Read more

Ready Shedy Go

We used to have three sheds at the old house so it was hard work trying to ram three sheds worth of stuff into a small 4′ x 4′ shed at the new place. Add to that the fact that the shed had a big hole in the roof and the pressure was on to … Read more