We had some sad news from Sid today. His doggie Chloe took a turn for the worse at the vets and they felt the kindest thing was to let her go. Sue and I have some brilliant memories of playing with Chloe in the back garden in Rowville and also going for walks with her, … Read more

Down under doggie

Sid sent us a few nice piccies of his hound Chloe (the one with a lot of Ridgeback in it) so here’s one of them. Chloe has been dipping her muzzle in the sugar bowl as you can see. (That means she’s got grey whiskers). Sid emailed today to say that Chloe was poorly and … Read more

I’ll have a half…

As promised here’s a picture of Sid and his mate Pete enjoying a (few cans of) Guinness whilst on their recent holiday. You can compare Sid one year on from this post:- Guinnessy Sid one year ago The only difference I can see is that they are sat somewhere different. Oh, and that Sid seems … Read more

Breaking News…

It’s that time of year when we post a pic of Sid in Australia drinking a huge Guinness. That will come. Unfortunately Sid & Sue’s daughter Amaya took a tumble on the first day of their holidays in Adelaide and broke her leg. Poor thing. Here she is looking chirpy in her purple cast that … Read more