Greetings From Louis

Despite the lack of blogging Louis continues to entertain. He’s very much a creature of habit but every now and then he surprises us.

He’s always known when I’m due home; I think he knows the time but can also pick up on other stuff as he self-corrects his expectations if I’m running late.

As a younger hound he would always be waiting at the window or door but, as he’s got older, he doesn’t bother moving until I come through the door. He’s no Hachiko!

Today, out of the blue, I arrived back home and he barreled through the front door to greet me – Sue said he’d been whining around my usual arrival time but had gone into mega-whine mode when he realised I was home. We don’t normally let him off lead out at the front (squirrel chasing, keeping lions out, etc.) but Sue had no choice.

It was a great way to finish the work-day. I gave him an extra treat for the special hello – I don’t for the life of me believe the treats he gets when I arrive home have anything to do with the quality of the greeting!

Anyway – here’s a piccie of Louis from last week.

Louis Looking Furtive
Louis Looking Furtive

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