Sofa Stealer

Louis has always loved his sofas. From a puppy he would always try to get onto the sofa. At first he could just stick his head between the cushions but as he grew he got closer and closer to being able to get on them.

When he could jump on them I tried at first to keep him off. I got a burglar sensor pad and wired it up to a siren. He could live with that racket as long as he was on the sofa. (This reminds me of the firework conditioning CD I made for him – he could sit/sleep through hours of explosions in surround sound and not bother. One cracker half a mile down the road and he’d kick off).

In the end we gave up and just tried to protect the sofas as best we could.

In the new house he inherited his own leather sofa:-

Sofa Stealing Hound
All your sofas belong to me.

This sofa is the one on the left. However even this is not enough for our hound. If Sue leaves anything on the other sofa such as a blanket then, as soon as the coast is clear, he’s off his sofa like a rocket and he settles down for a nap on this one.

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