Avant Garde Hound

Louis has been a bit “out of sorts” recently so we have been pampering him a little. He’s off to the V—E—T—S tomorrow for his annual jabs and a nail trim so he should be a happy bunny as the girls that work in the V—E—T—S spoil him rotten.

We know he’s feeling better as he turned up whilst we were cooking the Sunday roast; lamb this week.

Here he is keeping a close eye on the proceedings:-

Louis keeping a close eye on what's going on.
Louis keeping a close eye on what’s going on.

You can see some of Louis’ day to day trappings in this picture. There’s the Xmas hat that forms part of his postprandial routine whereby he grabs the hat and spins around like a lunatic for ten minutes. There’s also a tea towel that is an absolute health & safety requirement if Louis is watching whilst food is being prepared. That tea towel is our hazard spillage clear up kit. Louis’ dribble whilst we are eating is incessant so some form of mop up kit is essential.

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