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Once again found out that videos no longer worked due to an out of date plugin and the need to pay for a licence. Abandoned that and the videos are now back up and running.

We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.

Some interesting Linnaean dog terminology.

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30 Dec

Happy Birthday Louis

Louis turned nine on the 27th December and carried on as usual with his daily routine of mooching for food; completely unfazed by the passing of another year.

He was spoilt over Christmas and is particularly enjoying a new toy. This toy doesn’t have a squeak, it has a barking dog when squeezed. Louis has the timing just right where he can get it to repeatedly bark for ages; much to the annoyance of the tv viewers in the household. Mind you he’s just as noisy when he’s asleep – I can hear him snoring as I type this.

Here’s Louis on his birthday:-

NIne Years Old!

Happy Birthday Louis!

Many happy returns Louis.

22 Nov

Ridgeback’s Third Law

In our house I’ve always had just one rule – we do not disobey the rules of thermodynamics. It’s nice to see that other Ridgebacks also follow the rules of physics.

We had a visitor pass through the site the other day checking on their puppy ridgeback’s weight. David from New Zealand kindly sent in these pictures of his Ridgeback Archer:-

Archer on his sofa

Archer & his blankets

Archer in action

Who needs wings?

Absolutely fantastic pictures that just go to prove Ridgeback’s Third Law – for every action there’s an equal and opposite amount of inertia that involves a sofa.

Thanks for the piccies David & Archer – I was beginning to think that it was only Louis that was welded to a sofa.

06 Oct

The Old Ones Are The Best Ones

As you’ll see from the photo below Louis gets ever more distinguished as the days pass by.

He has his own definition of how long a walk should be and when he would like to go on one. Routine is important to him (feeding time is 11:30 and he starts staring at you from 11:15 onwards – even taking into account when the clocks change).

We try and cater to his every whim but he still surprises us with his never ending desire to play tug of war. The play sessions don’t last as long as they used to but he’d play every day if he could badger us into doing so.

Here he is just after a play session in the back garden. The tug toy is one of the original ones we got years and years ago and is still holding out well. It’s faded after being left out in all weathers and it absolutely reeks but that doesn’t bother him.

Louis' toy

Louis taking a break but still letting me know who owns the toy.

You’ll see a discarded toy in the background – why play with that one when there’s something that smells like fermented damp socks to have a nibble on.

24 Jul

What Happens Next?

Louis is still suffering in our English summer but he cannot resist some playtime whatever the temperature. I like to wind Louis up until he decides it’s time to stop playing fairly.

This is Louis just at that very moment before he decides enough is enough.

Louis deciding that it's time to unleash a world of pain.

It’s the final countdown.

I still have all my fingers but the barks he gives to signify battle will soon be joined leaves my eardrums ringing.

This is the aftermath:-

Checking all fingers present and correct

Checking all fingers present and correct

I know the bark is coming – it’s just one – but it still makes me jump after all these years.