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We’re in the middle of a bit of a heatwave over here in the UK now. Louis must come from Rhodesian stock with air-conditioned kennels as he’s nothing short of useless in weather like this.

He still wants to play tug but steadfastfully refuses to go for a walk if the temperature is too high. First off he runs off to his sofa, raises a paw and gives you the most pathetic look. If you can entice him out with a treat then a couple of hundred yards down the road he raises his paw again and does his impersonation of Androcles & The Lion. A paw inspection reveals nothing but you err on the side of caution and turn round and then the little bugger practically drags you back home.

He does spend a lot of the time in this weather lying down and here’s a good picture of a rare moment when he has chosen to lie down alongside one of his bipeds. Normally he operates a biped exclusion zone of a few yards – crossing this results in a huffy look from Louis and his relocation to somewhere less crowded.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I would add that it wasn’t me that sneaked into his exclusion zone; it was the other way around. Like a lot of sovereign states in this world Louis has one rule for him and another for the rest when it comes to territorial boundaries.

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