It’s In Here Somewhere

Summer has arrived at last here in the UK, only five years late.

Everything in the garden is blooming and there’s a few creatures pottering about. Louis is convinced there is something living under one particular shrub in the back garden.

I Know You Are In There Somewhere
I Know You Are In There Somewhere

He’s had his head in this particular shrub for the last half hour and his tail has not stopped wagging!

2 thoughts on “It’s In Here Somewhere”

    • Latest Update:

      We suspect there’s a mouse or two at the back of the garden. Sue has a lot of bird feeders out there and the dropped seeds must make a great feast for them.

      Sue’s mum has also got a lot of flowers re-potted around there too and Louis has been sticking his snout in them much to her delight (read dismay).


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