Scary Monster

Louis is a creature of habit with an internal clock that defies belief.

We had a family crisis the other day with my pa taken into hospital. All is sorted out so that’s good news.

However one evening when we were visiting we decided to postpone tea and get something on the way back. We called in at The Dorchester for fish and chips which was really enjoyable. There was too much fish and too many chips so, after the three of us had eaten, there was a full portion left over. This was then given to Louis for his supper. Twenty seconds later it was gone.

Now, normally Louis gets a Kong treat after our tea. The Kong holds a couple of sausages and keeps him busy for half a hour if we are lucky.

We thought that a portion of top quality fish and chips would be enough to satisfy Louis and be a substitute for his Kong but not a chance.

I had to put up with this view for the next three hours:-

Super Creep
Super Creep

It’s obvious that Louis has his routines and that they are meddled with at huge cost.

The furry bugger is still there in front of me a week later with that look of “You owe me one Kong, you bipedal monster.”

My dog is ace! (The little bugger has now learnt how to open the patio door but that’s another story.)

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