Texas Holdem

I’ve been away for a week at our factory in China. It’s in Suzhou, a couple of hours drive from Shanghai where we flew in to. I spent quite a few years in China during my commissioning days but it’s exactly 20 years since I was last in Shanghai and around 17 years since anywhere else in China.

Everything I’ve read about China says how much the place has changed. They are not lying.

Anyway – my mate Pete from Houston was over there too. He’d brought along a couple of presents for Louis along with him. As he lives in Texas all dog treats are massive:-

Louis and his Texan treat

When we first gave him the treat there was a lot of sniffing of it followed by a huge jump backwards and a couple of 360 degree spins. Louis must have had a nasal sensory overload. He didn’t start work on it for ages.

Once he started on the rawhide chew he kept it in place with one of his paws:-

Louis keeping his Texan treat in place

You can see that Louis is one happy hound.

Louis says a big thank you to Pete and Sonia.

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