Counting Cars

We’ve all been quite busy these last few weeks with what seems to be a never ending list of diy. We’ve been in the “new” house for a year now and, whilst we’ve done a lot, there’s still tonnes to do.

Louis continues to manage his two bipeds and ensure things run as he wants. He lets us know when it’s lunchtime by sliding off the sofa and sitting on front of you until you take the hint.

He also surprised me today with car recognition. Sue is out at the dentists and has gone in my car. Her Mini is on the drive. Louis was snoozing in his basket by the front window awaiting her return when he spotted a blue Mini outside the house. It was a learner driver – we get loads of learners everyday as our road is wide and quiet. Louis was immediately up and pressing his face against the window, wagging his tail like mad. He only does this if he’s expecting one of his pack to return. In my view he’d spotted a blue Mini (I know dogs have different colour vision) and thought it was Sue.

Clever you might think. I hate to disappoint but he’d clearly decided to ignore the fact there was already a Mini on our drive. He is a hound after all; not the sharpest tool in the shed – sorry Louis.

Here he is watching the Mini(s):-

Sue Spotting Hound
Louis can identify cars but cannot count.

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