I Know It’s In There Somewhere

Louis is a big fan of his Kong Toy.

He’s regular as clockwork at depositing this at my feet at 6pm with the “fill her up” look he gives me. Failure to fill it results in a paddy hereby he picks the Kong up and throws it around the room. Depending on whether or not I fancy a quiet evening I decide if he deserves a treat or not.

Over the years I’ve tried many different techniques with regard to what to fill it with and how to fill it. At times I’ve convinced myself that he’ll never get the treats out and he’s always proved me wrong.

Here he is in action:-

Louis and his Kong
I know you’re in there!

I still haven’t managed to beat him but my latest trick is to stuff two baked sausages in there. The first one fits without any trouble; the second needs a bit of persuasion. The end result is a Kong that takes him up to an hour to crack. His approach is to attack it with his tongue and squeeze it with his teeth repeatedly. As you can see from the photo he pins the Kong down with his paw. After this session he then uses his brute force method of chucking the Kong about the place until its secrets are revealed.

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