Ring Of Bright Water

Louis loves to share mealtimes; he always appears when I sit down with my Sunday fry-up.

I’ve blogged before that he doesn’t make an appearance until the brekkie is on the plate so I was feeling pretty good today as I tucked into the last sausage on the plate and there was no sign of the brown bomber. I was premature.

As usual Louis appeared, parked himself a respectable distance from the table and then started to dribble. Within seconds this was the end result:-

Ring Of Bright Water
Ring Of Bright Water

Admittantly it’s not quite a ring; more a crescent.

It won’t be long before we get some flooring in the kitchen and these dribbles will not be so noticeable – that’s when it becomes dangerous with the increased chance of doing the splits involuntarily.

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  1. Louis’ll be thirsty now! I’m having a battle with Flo just now – she’s never been a moocher but since I’ve had friends with a 7 month old staying… well… 7 month olds are a great source of crumbs and lumps of half sucked toast, so Flo has quickly learnt that the table is the place to forage. I’m wondering how long it’s going to take to break this habit.

  2. Louis has always mooched but became a super-moocher after his “operation”. He doesn’t table surf when you’re around but we know he surfs the kitchen worktops once were out of there.

    It must be the same with Flo now that she’s learnt that the table is a good source of extra food.

    You could try brushing all the crumbs onto the floor – a bit counter intuitive from a cleaning/hygiene perspective but if Flo is anything like Louis then those crumbs won’t be there for long!

    The dribbling is almost immediate with Louis. In the morning when I head off to work I always give him a treat and a pat on his head. He knows this routine and the dribbling starts from the moment I stand up to go. I doubt he’s dribbling for the pat on the head. He would have made a good dog for Pavlov.

  3. Hi Andy & Louis,Julius & I continue reading & enjoying your blogs.Re:mooching & drooling,Julius has always done both.When we’re having a meal at the table & do not offer any
    to him he will crawl UNDER the table & begin to emit a low,sad howl.We generally ignore it,Julius than realizes that life has cursed him with a rude & selfish family who do not get
    the joy of sharing.But I & him did come to a sort-of understanding.While we eat,he gets nothing,BUT after we’re done IF during the meal he behaves,he then gets a treat,usually yogurt(organic,we’re not animals)his favorite.My boy has turned 4 in May,I’m beginning to notice a stray white whisker here & there.Happy to report our neighborhood remains surprisingly low on Lions.All neighbors are sleeping safe & secure,Julius is “on the job”.Was watching TV & saw that our Caesar Milan aka “Dog Whisperer” visited you guys across the pond.Was interesting to see that not only our dogs act neurotic,& not only we
    Americans don’t know what to do.Talk to you later.Lily & Julius.

    • Hello Lily & Julius; very pleased to see that you still drop by.

      I know exactly whay you mean about the sad howl; almost as though you have never fed him, or, if you had, it must have been more than 5 minutes ago.

      Louis likes yoghurt too so we have a symbiotic relationship here. He gets to clean out all yoghurt pots and we get to put spotless pots into our recycling bin. They are so clean our binmen think we put them in the dishwasher first.

      Four was also about the age Louis started to look as though he’d been sticking his muzzle in the sugar bowl. He’s got a few more white whiskers now.

      We saw Caesar Milan when he was over here; very entertaining and also informative.

      Thanks again for stopping by and saying hi.

      Louis & his bipeds, Andy & Sue

      • Have started “symbiotic” relationship with my 1st Ridgey Dudley.Figured everyone’s going to
        walk away a winner.Since than have the cleanest garbage on the block.
        Lily & Julius.


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