Jaws Part Four In 2D

It’s been very hot here by UK standards and Louis doesn’t like to venture too far; so much for his African heritage. As such he’s still full of beans when I’m ready to settle down for the evening. Louis appears wherever I am armed with his favourite tug toy which he deposits at my feet.

Last night, however, it was so hot and humid all Louis could do was flop down on the carpet. I decided to stretch out as well and Louis saw that as an invite to play. With his favourite tug toy nowhere in site Louis decided the nexy best thing would be my arm.

We then had a good twenty minutes or so of him rolling around trying to gnaw my arm off.

Here he is in action:-

Ridgeback jaws
Good job Louis' had lunch

2 thoughts on “Jaws Part Four In 2D”

  1. Hee hee. This made me laugh – we’ve got the opposite problem down here just now… our weather has cooled down overnight to a chilly 17 or 18 degrees (brrrr). As we don’t have any form of heating in the house, Flo wakes up whimpering until I put a blanket over her. I’ve got a lightweight namby pamby ridgeback!

  2. Hi Heather – thanks for stopping by. Your comment made me laugh as well – 17 degrees and you’re cold! That’s summer for us and we’d be in shorts and T shirts.


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