Savour The Flavour

Louis got his snout into an empty crisp packet the other day and his reaction was another endorsement of the superiority of Walkers Cheese & Onion flavour, (I know dogs aren’t supposed to eat onions).

He went mental trying to get all the flavour out of the bag and it was interesting to watch his paw and snout in action as he super-cleaned the inside of the packet.

Crispy Crawler
Crispy Crawler

The empty packet was so clean at the end of this exercise it could have been re-used.

The building work continues – the end is in sight as the plasterer’s are now in and the kitchen gets fitted next week. We’re looking forward to getting the house back to ourselves. The guys who have been doing the job are great; very helpful, tidy and industrious but it will be great when they are gone. It will also be nice to get some heating in and some doors in too – half the house is unheated at the moment and Spring has yet to sprung.

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